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“Monsters Inc.” Family Devotion

on July 29, 2015

Movie: “Monsters Inc.” (rated G)


Have a fort-building contest; or if you have a small space, simply work together as one group and build a fort using only supplies you have readily available. (In other words, don’t go buy anything) Get creative and let everyone contribute!


  1. What is a fort used for?
  2. What does a fort protect against?


Read Matthew 8:23-27, Mark 4:35-41: Jesus Calms the storm


  1. This week, we watched the movie Monsters Inc. In this movie, the monsters worked really hard to be scary! What kinds of things did the monsters do to try to be scary? (try to get your kids to act it out)
  2. Now, we know that monsters are just pretend, but sometimes we find things that make us feel afraid. What are some things you are afraid of? (Everyone take a turn and share one thing that they are afraid of.)
  3. In our Bible Story, the disciples were really scared of the big storm that was rocking their boat! Rightfully so, being on a boat in a storm is pretty dangerous isn’t it? What happened that made the disciples feel better?
  4. Jesus calmed the storm! He simply told the storm to be quiet and to be still.
  5. Sometimes when we are scared, we might feel a little like the disciples did in this big storm, but just like Jesus helped his disciples and protected them from danger, Jesus does that for us too! Jesus protects us from some pretty scary things! Think about the fear you shared earlier, how does Jesus take care of you when you’re afraid?
  6. Now, here’s a tricky question: What about when bad things that scare us actually happen? Why does Jesus let bad things happen sometimes? (Bad things still happen because sin is in the world. Satan likes bad things to happen and he works hard to do bad things all the time! Satan even tries to get us to do bad things too. Sometimes, we do get hurt, but you know what? Jesus defeated sin, death, and the devil when he died on the cross!)

So, when we are afraid of those scary things that happen, I want you to remember that Jesus defeated all the scary stuff. Don’t forget—when we face scary or sad stuff, remember that Jesus is always with you acting like a fort! And just like in the movie, we learn things that are scary, really don’t have to be so scary! We know Jesus is always with us!


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